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Via Cà dell'Orbo sud 4, 40055 Castenaso (BO) IT

Tel.: +39 051 782505 - Fax: +39 051 782477

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Statement concerning the use of personal data


In accordance with the Article 10 of the Law 675/1996 we inform the reader that:

1. When you fill in our registration form to have an access to more information about our products, services and marketing actions or to sign up for more promotional e-mails, special events, news-letters, updates, notifications and so on (collectively referred to in this Privacy Statement as “the service”), you freely submit some personal information that we will only use by means of telematic and web-casting procedures in order to:

  • provide the requested service in compliance with the general terms and conditions of your contract with M/S Cel Components S.r.l.

  • carry out marketing activities and provide commercial information about products and services of M/S Cel Components S.r.l.

  • conduct customers’ satisfaction surveys as well as to receive customer’s feedback about the quality of Cel Components S.r.l. products and services

2. Your personal information may be also used to communicate with customers by telefax, phone (with or without operator’s assistance), e-mail, SMS and other electronic and/or telecommunication systems for all purposes mentioned under above point 1 of this statement.

3. In respects of this privacy statement and related use of private information, users have all rights listed by the Article nr. 13 of the Law Nr. 675/1996 and may request Cel Components S.r.l. to cancell all their personal information from its database in compliance with the Article Nr. 13, paragraph (c).2 of the Law Nr. 675/1996. In this case Cel Components S.r.l. will immediately remove users’ details from its database with no further notification and/or communication. Removal from the database will result into immediate discontinuace of the service.

4. Personal information are voluntarily provided by the user. However, as a result of your failure to submit even a part of the details required for customers registration and access to the above mentioned services under point 1 of this statement, Cel Components S.r.l. will not be able to provide the complete service.